I love you(r DNA) quilt

Last night I taught a great group of ladies this quilt. I just updated the info. I will post new photos later today.

I just finished my second instructable for the great quilt I designed this weekend.

Chicago, really Schaumberg

Well the travel really never ceases these days. May has been light for travel, June starts a new series. Right now I am working on an overdue Birthday quilt that needs to be done for this cute child.

Schaumberg IL

Before View Master was cool!

In the final summer of the Atlanta College of Art, my older daughter and I decided to continue our education with some community ed. It was a sad summer to be at ACA, feelings were mixed, their purchase by Savannah College of Art & Design did not fit well with all. As a SCAD grad I understood, but I know that you can't mess with SCAD it has a life force all it's own.

Anyway this post is supposed to be about me being cool before my time:

4 Color Screen print circa 2004

See the view master disc, I though I was all that. Melody Miller eat your heart out, granted she is the one with a fabric line not me :-)

Kyoko and Beverly Bell

Samples are so fun! I just picked up 2 beautiful samples from one of our sewist. Are you surprised? I would love to do all the sewing for the booth but then there would be no booth. The only thing I consistently make in our booth are the quilts and I am on the fourth top for the week, those I will post later, back to cute children in cute clothes.

Lordy Lordy....

The love of my life is FORTY!
Our first date - kinda maybe - clean up on the barrier Islands off the coast of Georgia.

Decatur -- Illinois

Decatur IL Quilt Show

I was a novice traveler, when we started Some Art Fabric 6 years ago I never thought I would travel far and wide to bring cool fabric to the masses. I also never thought I could back a trailer or drive 12 plus hours a day to get to a show or more likely, to get home.

This is so my life now and I want my children to see both how different and how much alike all people are, so on this first ever 3 weeks of shows with no going home I brought my oldest child. She is amazing! over the top and that is not just because I am her mother. She took to building the booth like a duck to .... , she is a charming sales person with skill. I could not have birthed a better helper if I tried.

One night in Paducah

On with the Some Art Fabric Spring Odyssey, it is not as fraught with danger as Homer's, but it is my personal journey through America in search of ... well that is still to be determined.

So first big decision before departing for Deactur, IL, ... am I pulling my oldest child out of school for 8 days to ride shotgun? This is HUGE for me, it is my thought that all of this travel should not be wasted on the old (me) and that my children would reap great rewards from being with me. Yes I am talking HOME SCHOOL or really hotel school. So should I start now? Should J come along, learn the ropes. The final decision is YES!

March Madness

The quilt show season started with a BANG! the first weekend of March Some Art Fabric was on the move. The mobile shop is all over. Our first stop was in Watkinsville GA for the Cotton Patch Quilt Show. This is one of my favorite local guild, their show is amazing and they feed the vendor so well. This year they did a CD to purchase so we can enjoy the quilts all year long. Here are some of my Favs!!

Cotton Patch Quilt Show 2011

Cotton Patch Quilt Show 2011

Cotton Patch Quilt Show 2011

Cotton Patch Quilt Show 2011

On to the Sewing Expo, Some Art Fabric taught Sneaters and the I Love Your DNA quilt.

The Sneater Invasion

We had an outrageous time today at the Original Sewing & Quilt  Expo in Atlanta.

Colleen Maria Casey (that's me) led a group of adventurers on an expedition to discover a band of wild Sneaters.
Actually it was a blast, but no one had trapse through the jungle.

In a lovely classroom at the Expo, we gathered Sneater kits got to work.

Do you see your Sneater in the photo?
Like our post on Facebook and show your friends your handywork!

Like this post on Facebook and claim the Sneater YOU discovered!
We are so thrilled with the new plushies. What surprises will you put in their pockets? What adventures will your Sneater take?
These cuties are made from felted wool sweaters and love hugs.

Universal Studios is NOT Gluten Free Friendly

I am not a fan of grump posts but if I don't share this info about eating at Universal Studios, well other folk with Gluten sensitivities will be as clueless as I when they visit the park.

To preface this post, two years ago we went to three of the many Disney parks, we purchased the meal plan and loved it! When you purchase a Disney meal plan they ask you about food allergies. While at the park you carry a magnetic card with all of your info, at each restaurant they swipe your card and THEN the chef comes out to talk to you about what is Gluten Free and (in our case) Dairy Free and what can be prepared GF DF. AMAZING! They even had GF brownies for dessert and soy ice cream. At the pop stands they were aware of your allergies and at one stand they ran out of GF brownies and an employee went to another location to get one for my daughter. So WOW and way to go to Disney Parks' customer service for folks with food allergies.

Back to this weekends trip to Islands of Adventure at Universal.

Saint Brigid Day February 1

One day Dubhthach takes his daughter in a chariot to the King of Leinster to see if he can strike a deal to make her a member of the King's court. Brigid is left outside in the chariot, and while there, a leper approaches her, seeking alms. Without hesitation, Brigid hands over her father's sword, an item of great value. In the warlike province of Leinster, this says more than words can capture about Brigid's system of values. Needless to say, these values do not correspond with her father's, and he is furious when he discovers her action. Fortunately for Brigid, the King of Leinster is present as Dubhthach begins to chastise her, and he checks Dubhthach rage, saying: "Leave her alone, for her merit before God is greater than ours." Thus Brigid returns home, and through this incident of being praised by the king is also delivered from bondage. In time, Dubhthach tries to arrange a marriage for his daughter (another way of making her someone else's responsibility), but she isn't interested. Beautiful Brigid consecrated herself to God at a young age, choosing a life of virginity, dedication to God and service to the poor.

Lego Bracelet Tutorial

Yes, I took another trip to the Hobby Lobby. I went for the first time before Christmas and now I am a bit hooked, they have tons!!! of great junk.

Remember my warning about not reinventing the wheel. Well this is a super fun wheel and a great project for little ish ones, (Choking Hazard) as long as Mom is in charge of the E 6000.


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