Sugar Skulls Banners

Sugar Skulls Banners
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Making these for Kraft Works at Young Blood Gallery this Thursday.

Help Hospitalized Veterans

On Sunday my father had a mild stroke. My dad lost most of the use in his right arm, he was tilting wildly to one side, he could walk with help. He had forgotten how to use a spoon and could not sign any of the paperwork.

BUT while spending quality time at the VA hospital I discovered a cool new organization, Help Hospitalized Veterans. HHV comes around and gives out free craft kits that are donated to them to keep the vets engaged while they are incapacitated. The web site indicates that they do a great deal more than just craft kits. I was impressed.

My dad decided that he would start his own occupational therapy using the Moccasin Kit they provided. He struggled with the instruction but once I helped get the two pieced together and the first stitches in, he was off. This is the man who started me down the wicked way of sewing. I was thrilled to see that he could thread the lace through the holes and line them up correctly. What an amazing physical recovery.

Physically he is vastly improved, in good spirits, feeling pretty okay. He completely flunked his cognitive tests yesterday, he could name all of the Presidents in order backwards, but he cannot recall certain words and he lost numbers in a very big way.

I am very impressed with the VA, I think they are doing a great job with my dad. They are very supportive of the family and his aftercare, which is great since I will be in charge of most of what happens after he leaves the hospital.

Wonky Wool

Between being sick last week and sitting with my dad at the hospital this week there has been a lot of enforced down time which is the perfect time to get some sewing done.

I love to make plushies, my favorite part is the face so I elimated the body and just did the face as a wool Trivet. I am a bit OCD about trivets right.

Looking for Love

In the way of people to purchase your handmade stuff. Here are some shows (mostly local Atlanta) with deadlines NOW.

Consignment Shows
September 1 --
Mable House and South Cobb Arts Alliance
Christmas House
This is a direct link to the application, which is kinda buried in their site. The deadline was Monday but I have it on good authority that they will continue to accept applications for judging until they reach capacity or they hit the jury deadline (9-15)

September 4 -- VSA Art of Georgia Holiday Art Sale This is a very long sale and I am not familiar with it but I think it looks like a good organization.
The Call
VSA arts of Georgia seeks artists with and without disabilities to participate in our 2009 Holiday Art Sale. The sale is an opportunity to sell your work in a prime retail location in Downtown Atlanta at the height of the shopping year. The sale is one of two annual fundraising events for the organization; our mission is to provide access to the arts for Georgians with disabilities and with low income.

Tent Shows

Candler Park Fall Festival

Fall in the 4th
Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa - Their app is not up yet so check back

The best of all shows locally!!!
Indie Craft Experience

National Shows

Renegade Craft Fair

Bazaar Bizarre

This is a very small list and I am sure there are more out there so feel free to leave other shows in the comments.

Wicked Wool

I started getting ready for holiday shows and I pulled out the wool sweaters this weekend. I was dismayed to find that many of them were not neatly folded in boxes as I (cue the dream music) remembered, they were wadded into boxes. Now they are wrinkled and need to be pressed (or rewashed).

Under the direction of the EXTREME wool goddess Betz White (her blog not her personally), when I felted a sweater I cut off the sleeves and then cut the sleeve down the seam. Well in these boxes I have wadded sweater bodies and even more wadded sleeves. This obviously is not a very workable method for me and the boxes make finding the color I needed almost impossible.

THIS year I am slicing the sweaters open a bit differently, to eliminate the loose sleeves I am slicing them up the side seam, through the armpit and down the sleeve. So far I am please with the amount of workable felt.

This new method of cutting the sweaters open allows me to hang them effectively. So I purchased a wood closet pole and put it on the existing shelves in my sewing room. I used shirt hangers for most of my sweaters, on the miscellaneous sleeves I used skirt hangers.

Cause I now could
, I color coordinated them and realized I have a lot of red and turquoise and only one blue. I am please with the final results but realize I need another pole for the yet to be felted ones. Wonder if hubby would give up some of his closet space.


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