Kyoko and Beverly Bell

Samples are so fun! I just picked up 2 beautiful samples from one of our sewist. Are you surprised? I would love to do all the sewing for the booth but then there would be no booth. The only thing I consistently make in our booth are the quilts and I am on the fourth top for the week, those I will post later, back to cute children in cute clothes.

Lordy Lordy....

The love of my life is FORTY!
Our first date - kinda maybe - clean up on the barrier Islands off the coast of Georgia.

Decatur -- Illinois

Decatur IL Quilt Show

I was a novice traveler, when we started Some Art Fabric 6 years ago I never thought I would travel far and wide to bring cool fabric to the masses. I also never thought I could back a trailer or drive 12 plus hours a day to get to a show or more likely, to get home.

This is so my life now and I want my children to see both how different and how much alike all people are, so on this first ever 3 weeks of shows with no going home I brought my oldest child. She is amazing! over the top and that is not just because I am her mother. She took to building the booth like a duck to .... , she is a charming sales person with skill. I could not have birthed a better helper if I tried.

One night in Paducah

On with the Some Art Fabric Spring Odyssey, it is not as fraught with danger as Homer's, but it is my personal journey through America in search of ... well that is still to be determined.

So first big decision before departing for Deactur, IL, ... am I pulling my oldest child out of school for 8 days to ride shotgun? This is HUGE for me, it is my thought that all of this travel should not be wasted on the old (me) and that my children would reap great rewards from being with me. Yes I am talking HOME SCHOOL or really hotel school. So should I start now? Should J come along, learn the ropes. The final decision is YES!


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