Llama Rescue Fundraiser

I was asked to help out a friend who is part of the Southeast Llama Rescue. They just did their the spring shearing and they are looking for folks who are interested in crafting or spinning the llama fleece. I am helping by shipping the fleece out. Here is some information about llama fleece I copied from the site Joy of Handspinning
Llamas are related to the Alpacas, but are larger and taller. Llama fiber, like alpaca, comes in a variety of natural colors such as, white, fawn, cinnamon, silver gray, and black. Characteristics
• Natural, Animal
• No lanolin or grease
• Fiber Lightweight,
• Soft, less elasticity than wool
• Luxurious • Very durable
• Hand-washable or dry-cleanable
• Little static, no pilling
• Dyes well
• Blends extremely well with other fibers
Preparing Llama For Spinning
Hardcarders Llama can be handcarded into rolags. It is best to use handcarders with fine teeth. Do not over card it or you will cause lumps to form (unless of course your intention is to spin a textured yarn).
Drumcarders Use a drumcarder with fine teeth to create large batts for spinning. Spinning Llama is the same as spinning alpaca.
End Uses For Llama Yarn Llamas have both outer guard hairs and an undercoat of fiber. The guard hairs are longer, thicker, straight, and wiry. They should be pulled out or combed out of a shorn fleece, because it will resist spinning, dyeing, and felting.
Good for: pillows, rugs, ropes, and wall hangings. The down fibers of the Llama are shorter, softer, and wavy with some crimp, and will produce a soft yarn. Good for: hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, socks, et.

So if you would like me to send you a medium flat rate box stuffed full of llama fleece (about half of one llama's fleece)  

Step One: Make a donation to to the Southeast Llama Rescue
The donation is between you and the organization, it is tax deductible.  

Step Two Pay for the shipping: Use the button below to pay for the flat rate box and a $1.00 fee to pay for the labels and tape to close up the boxes.

Most of the fleece is a mixture of white & black, if you would prefer I send only white or black please indicate when you pay for the shipping.

Step Three: I check with the organization to confirm your donation and then I mail out your Priority box stuffed full of fleece.

I will not start shipping out the fleece until 6/18/2012


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