Egg Muffins, Yum!

Thought I would share our favorite breakfast with you! The girls love this and it is fast enough to happen on a school day, requires almost no prep and the leftovers are a hit for snack or another breakfast.

Organic Free Range Eggs (we use the whole dozen)
Gluten Free Pre Cooked Sausage (We Like Wellshire Maple Pork) or Lunch Meat
Spray oil

Muffin Tin
Small Bowl, If you don't like eggs with visible yokes.

  • Night Before: Pull the sausage out of the freezer and pop it in the fridge.
  • Morning of: If you are using lunch meat or want to add peppers or cheese dice it up into small chunks.

    • Set Oven to 350

Spray your muffin pan with a spray oil. This helps keep the eggs from sticking to the pan and make cleanup a breeze.

Crack one egg and deposit the egg into one muffin compartment (is there a better term for that?). I break the yoke with a folk. If you don't want the yoke to be so evident then crack the egg in a bowl and give it a good mix with the fork first (sometimes the eggs that are more mixed will stick a bit to the muffin pan). That is what I did on the bottom row of eggs.

Slice half of a sausage link in with each egg, gently press down so that the egg covers the link.

OR add whatever good stuff you like with eggs: peppers, cheese, salsa. Press gently into the egg.

Cook at 350˚for approx. 20 minutes. This is a personal decision. The girls like runny eggs so I will occasionally pull it from the oven after 15 minutes. If I know we are eating at home.

Serve up or if you are late for school tell them they can eat them in the car. After the egg muffins are cool, I put them in the fridge for another breakfast or snack.

Why do I love these so much!
  • The pan is usually easy to clean up, more so than my cast iron after making eggs.
  • I can walk away from the eggs once they are in the oven, which makes for a great breakfast that I don't have to hover over. 
  • It is already in serving sized bits. 
  • It is not messy to eat with your hands (if needed). 
  • The girls love it!
  • Oh, and it is a power packed protein meal that sticks a bit better than toast.


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