Gift Bags

Oh, that there were more hours in a day. Oh, that I didn't have to eat and sleep. Think of all the things I could accomplish! Somedays I think my life would be so much simpler if nobody knew that I sewed. Everyone expects handmade gifts from me which brings me to my latest late night, last minute, creation!

My Sunday school class has an annual Christmas auction with proceeds being used to support our class charity projects throughout the year. Last year I made a couple Lazy Girl purses that went for $125 each! Finally, I'm getting paid what I'm worth....too bad I don't get the money. Of course being the seamstress that I am, I couldn't drop the ball and buy something to auction off this year. I've been making these buckwheat hull travel pillows and thought they would be a good item for the auction. Problem is, just a pillow seemed a little, well, boring! Travel pillow, travel, about a travel gift set? Now to execute my well thought out plans. Actually, I had hatched 2 ideas, a travel bag, and a spa basket. The spa basket was simple, buy a basket at Target! The travel bag, well, that needed just the right bag to bring the set together.

Have you ever held up your hands and said "I need a bag about this big"? That's how I got the size for this one. I cut 2 rectangles 19 wide x 13 high. Ok, honestly, I cut it 19 x 15 and then decided it was too high and lopped off 2 inches after it was mostly constructed. The bottom is boxed to make a 3 inch deep bag. I used 1/2 inch seam allowances. Lazy me didn't bother lining the bag. Instead I bound the seams on the inside with 1 1/4 inch strips of fabric. I don't fold under or cut bias. They stay well enough and look finished if you glance in the bag! I filled the bag mostly with bubble wrap and then added the pillow, a travel mug, and a candle. In the front pocket I added some lavender sachets.

Hmmm, if a little purse goes for $125, what will be the auction price of the tote and basket?

My daddy is Santa Claus

For those of you who don't know me I am part of "The Direct Descendants of Santa" in that my daddy is Santa and they just published a rockin' article about him in the Atlanta Journal.

If you need a Santa he is the ONE.

I LOVE this Picture of him!! -- Although he certainly knows better than to iron his velvet suit like this;-)


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