Baby Jacob & Lily Cat

Baby Jacob & Lily Cat
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A yummy wool cat to gnaw on. We finally got to meet the newest member of our family. He is a brute, but he sure is cute.

Birds of Change Exchange

Just mailed off my set of 5 to the Creative Kismet for her Birds of Change Exchange. This are made with recycled pop cans and beads that are really seeds & pits. I scavenged them from a necklace I found in a "classy" thrift shop.

Due to the response the birds are now available for purchase at the shop.
There are more pics up at flickr.

Paper Hearts ala Sister Diane

I loved Sister Diane's tutorial last week for the recycled jewelry. I reworked it a bit to make hearts. I used 12 inch scrapbook paper (cause I really wanted lots of pink & red) and a bit of gold pigment.
This is my proto type, kinda looks alienish. We are making these for my daughter's girl scout troop next month.

ReMaking Crayons

Folks I am in stitches. I wrote this instructable last week and it has hit big time. Who would have thunk it. Melting crayons is my new claim to fame.
It has been boinged and craftzined.

I guess I will take it where I get it. Famous for an art trick I discovered when I was student teaching a decade ago and wanted to go on a nature walk and do texture rubbings. Big Grin.


Meet Lenard. He started his life out on someones back as a wool sweater. Lenard now leads a far more glamorous life as an international poster bird for the crafty reuse of said sweater. To create your own international poster bird follow my step by step.

Forest Fun is here!

New Fabric! I have been waiting for this new line since October!

ReUse ReMake Crayons

My first official Instructable.

ReUse ReMake Crayons - More DIY How To Projects

Dragons Abound

I have to share the illustrations done by my seven year old. She has a book report due on Monday about Dragons and she was horrified last night when she discovered that our printer was out of color (it always is, it is a BW printer). I suggested she add color to the prints or better yet to redraw her images on the very nice watercolor paper Santa brought. I know I am the mom but I think she rocks! 



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Pinkie Ramone

Pinkie was born last night at the class I taught at SCAD. Everyone had fun and 5 new plush monsters were brought into the world. I shared the article published in Craft by Moxie to help the students get started.

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Picassa Now for Mac

I just downloaded Picassa for mac. Having some difficulty, which I take full blame for. I had it scan for images and there were a lot more on my computer than I thought. Otherwise I really love the collage feature.

Today was my first day back at school. I teach Basic Art and Photography. My photo students are going to keep a sketchbook - journal. I am on again off again about them as a teacher, I don't enjoy grading them, and I think they should just want to keep them.

Any who I found a great new book this past weekend, How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith. I rarely find it difficult to stop and look, it is kinda who I am. I do sometimes find it hard to teach others how to stop and look. This book seems pretty good, my student will find some of it hokey but hopefully they will walk away with an interesting document of their culture. One of the first things the book says it to look at the stuff you do everyday, to look at it until you find something of interest. Today we went to the grocery store and I used the Picassa software to create a collage of the trip.

From Collages

New Look

Do I look different to you??

Or does my new banner make me look fat?

We are working on updating the blog look. Keep an eye out, we keep losing our widgets.

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I would either make a scrappy quilt or doll clothes.. I posted to both my blogs in the side bars and post!! If you click on my profile name you should be able to see my 2 blogs!!

You are the winner of our first ever give away.

I will send out your box of fabric as soon as you send me your snail mail. Please email it to sales at

Thanks for all the great comments. Watch towards the end of next month for our next Box o' Scraps Give away.

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