End OF Bolt Sale

We need to make space for our new summer fabrics and we realized we had over 300 bolts of fabric with less than 3 yards left. Time for a SALE !

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Don't delay there is not much left on these bolts. Sale Ends Sunday July 5, 2009.

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Modern Craft Camp

This camp was loads of fun. The kids got to make a bunch of greats crafts. My Accucut was a life saver and so was my new bias maker. I had a blast designing the projects and I think even our token boy enjoyed all the sewing.

Here are some details of what we made:

Paper Flowers

Kiragami Screen Prints
Modern Craft

Pouch / Purse - We made these more boyish by adding a loop on the back of some so they could hang it off of a door or hook in the bathroom.
Modern Craft

Fusible Appliqué pillow
Modern Craft

Recycled Paper, which became cards, balls and book mark
Modern Craft

Pincushion / Plushie
Modern Craft

I hope I get to teach this class again, it was a ton of work but the results were wonderful. I will work on a proposal for my homeschool moms, they are always asking me to teach art classes.

Modern Craft Camp

Georgia Organics

We had our first even purchased at a restaurant Gluten Free, Dairy Free pizza at Pizza Fusion this week.We discovered a great new place to eat all thanks to Georgia Organics and our desire to try our hand at locavorism. A locavore is someone who eats stuff that is grown locally, in season.

So with that thought we are visiting the Marietta Farmers Market most Saturdays and we started a garden. I doubt the garden will do much to sustain us, it is fairly pathetic at this moment. We did not start it early and well I love dirt but I generally work with flowers.

We are somewhat hampered by my lack of desire to cook and by our fairly pervasive food allergies. I am working on the cooking but A's favorite snack flies in from Europe, where apparently they cater a bit more to those who cannot consume gluten.

Thanks God for Georgia Organic Farmers, I know we will eat and we are having a great time canning. There will be jam. I am waiting for the freestone peaches and blueberries.

ICE Atlanta 09

If you missed Indie Craft Experience, Atlanta, GA 2009
I am sorry; great vendors and amazing weather.

This is our combined loot.

Loved these owl pouches, made from recycled bags. Bought one for my very own.
So She Sews

Two thumbs WAY UP on this shop. They traveled from Chicago and I am so glad
Miss Alison


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