Thoughtful Friday

Perhaps I am stronger than I think.
Thomas Merton

Sally Mann (born 1951)
Shiva at Whistle Creek, 1992, 1995
Gelatin Silver Enlargement Print

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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is my favorite day of the year.

I love Thanksgiving: it is a wonderful day to reflect on your life in a positive and loving way, it is filled with amazing smells and an overwhelming amount of food and it is for family and friends.

I love Thanksgiving: it is a celebration of the fall which is my favorite season, my birthday falls on it ever 7 ish years, it does not require gifts or imaginary icons to lend it validity.

I love Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for more thing than I can list in this post my family and friends are at the top of my list.

Thanksgiving is like New Years for me. I spend a lot of time thinking about where I want to be this time next year (which will be "a BIG" birthday). What are my goals and how will I achieve them. Here are a few that I am already working on:

Sew, Craft, Make cause it is fun and you love to do it.
This might seam like an easy goal but about 3 months ago I took a Indie Craft Class and I realized that if it was not for the store or I could not see a way to use it to promote Some Art Fabric, I was not longer doing it. That made me sad. I changed the name of the blog to just Some Art Talk and I started to include my photographic images and the images of photographers I adore, along with a bunch of other crafty things I do.

Another pleasure that has been eclipsed by life. What could be better than slipping into someone else's skin and living a different life for a few hours.

I just reread Breaking Dawn, I think this is truly the finest of the series, I have yet to see the Twilight movie. I might slip away later today. As far as Vampire books go I really love the House of Night series by the mother / daughter team: P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast. The dialog take some getting used to, if you don't hang out with teenagers all day like I do, but what a fun idea, a finishing school for young vampires.

Buy a Bike
I am not huge on exercise of any sort but I used to love riding a bike, it was freedom unlimited when I was younger. So my older daughter and I will be getting bikes very soon. (Maybe even tomorrow if I can find a sale at the local bike shop).

Pray - Meditate - Sit in Silence
My world is very loud, a few years ago during lent I started a morning ritual which involved contemplative / centering prayer. If you are not familiar with it, contemplative / centering prayer is very big in the monastic life and similar to meditation. You have a word, you repeat it over and over again in an attempt to block out your head noise. The word is supposed to be short but I use the word immaculate. Silence is a precious gift and I miss it.

Start Making my Handmade Christmas YIKES!!
Thanksgiving is the trigger that starts this race for me and I better get cracking if I think I will be hand making jack squat. December the blog with be chock full of links to cool quick gift ideas and tomorrow we start a huge Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale.

Off to my sewing room.

Peace OUT! :-)


Well, we were one of the official sponsors of the ICE DIY tee shirt area this past Saturday and we had FUN! Thanks to all the great volunteers, most of whom stayed all day to help folks fuse die cut shapes onto organic shirts from Alternative Apparel. If you did not make it down you missed out. Mark you calender now for the summer show!

Here we are getting set up. It did not stay so neat after the folks arrived.

Thoughtful Friday

Andre Kertesz, 1983
Mary Ellen Mark

We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.
Thomas Merton

ICE Holiday 08

This is a must attend event. We will be helping with the DIY project.

Thoughtful Friday

Romance of Ambrose Piece by Ralph Eugen Meatyard

What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous.

Thomas Merton

Mitten Monsters

One of the fun things I did while traveling this past month was make monsters. These guys started out as gloves and mittens and became....

Halloween Fun

This year we had a guest designer create J's Halloween Costume, Shannon Mulkey of I Love Patina and the Indie Craft Experience was somehow convinced to assist my oldest in her desire to be the perfect blue fairy. J and I found a great dress at my fav thrift store. Shannon transformed the dress and my child into a kinda goth blue fairy. J is over the moon with the outfit but I think she like the parts more than the whole, she is particularly fond of the hair piece, which is made from skate board wheel shavings and the sleeves.

Here little sister changed her costume about three time and went as a pink ballerina in cowgirl boot. We are on our way to the neighborhood parade and those girls are ready to trick or treat.

Super Sale

2 for 1 Sale

It's a 2 for 1 Sale!

While supplies last, some fabric is marked "buy one yard get two yards." That's two (2) yards for the price of one (1) yard. If you want 4 yards, put 2 yards in your cart; we will send you 4 yards and you only pay for 2.

A big chicken birthday

Little Bit had a birthday in late September that did not get the proper press time due to mommy's distraction. At our house birthdays last 3 - 4 days. Little Bit had 3 cakes and some muffins by the time it was all said and done. We don't do big parties, only the folks who were there the day of the original event (family), but we often travel to those folks if they can't get to us.

Her first cake was at school, she and her 2 best buds got to spend the morning baking and decorating a cake. I was not in attendance to this event, the school makes a point of explaining that parents do not need to be involved.

Her second was a breakfast party on the day of, we made gluten free blueberry and pecan muffins:

Then we headed up to the mountains to visit Oma and had our third baked delight We also visited a craft fair in the park. We wrapped up her birthday weekend with a trip to visit her other grandmother, who was in attendance at the Saturday morning shindig but Grandma baked another cake so...

Her big gift from daddy & I is a new bedroom, to be honest that is not yet done, the walls are painted and the quilt is almost finished. I just need to hang curtains and finish the binding and her big girl room will be DONE.

Back to the Business of Blogging

Well, October is done and I am happy to be through it. My father asked if I could deal with a boring weekend with no show, I can. We did three back to back shows and they were great fun, exhausting fun.

We have one more show this month, we are a sponsor for the The Indie Craft Experience Holiday Shopping Spectacular.

The ICE show is a great time to get your holiday shopping started. Some Art Fabric is sponsoring the craft area. We are showing folks how to do fusible appliqué on tee shirts and bags. I will have some pictures up soon.


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