Finishing - it can be divine

Sometimes I just have to clear out some projects. Recently I've been working on several projects to get them off the to-do list. Maybe I have sewist's attention deficit (S.A.D.) - I also started a bunch of other projects. But that's another whole story.

I've wanted to try that Kwik Scrappy Heart quilt pattern for some time. The Some Art Fabric January challenge provided the inspiration. I wasn't sure I wanted to make a whole quilt, so I settled for placemats (my favorite way to try out a quilt block without getting too bored). I simplified the pattern given that I planned to use a more limited amount of fabric. The central heart is only 2 pieces. And I used it as an opportunity to use up some scraps and try freehand quilting designs. I tried to finish these Valentine's placemats in time for Valentine's Day. I had to settle for Valentine's Month. But they are finished.

One of my New Year's resolutions (the one I haven't broken yet) is to make a charity quilt each month for my quilt guild. I've just completed my 3rd one. I've been collecting these 4" squares for years waiting for an inspiration. Lacking such, I started sewing them together without overthinking the layout. I figured out that I did not have quite enough of them for a small throw quilt, so I inserted some blue fabric. My DSIL says "It's kind-of random, but I think I like it!" I think I may agree with him. And it too is finished.

Yes, to finish is divine for this sewist.

A Coat for Baby Kelly

My cousin's baby is just SO much fun to dress. You see I didn't have Ottobre patterns when my girls were this little so I have all these adorable girl baby patterns and nobody to make them for...well until baby Kelly came along! Someart has this fabulous poplin and for some reason my first thought was spring jacket! I found some pink twill in my stash that matched perfectly and found this adorable little pattern and knew it would be just precious.

The best part about this little coat is that it's reversible! So when baby Kelly spills her peas all down the front, my cousin can just turn it inside out and they're ready for any photo op that may present itself. My next project is a little dress in the coordinating knit!

A Bag for ME

This may look like just another cute bag because of the fabulous fabric, but in all honesty, it is the PERFECT bag! It has room for all my stuff which always includes a miniature first aid kit, a notepad, a box of crayons, and my ever important inhaler. Add to that credit cards, identification, my ASG calendar, a cell phone, tissues, and all the other random things that end up in my purse and we have the makings of a disaster, but NOT in this bag! The reason this bag works so well....lots of pockets, a credit card organizer, a clear window for ID, a cell phone pocket, and elastic to secure a couple pens. See for yourself...

So after all those mad ravings, I'm sure you are just a bit curious about the pattern! The pattern is Odyssey by Studio Kat. I have to admit, this bag is a bit of an odyssey and not for the easily defeated. It has about a zillion pieces and 7 pages of instructions! My suggestion is to be very methodical in cutting everything out. Pin all the fabric to the pattern pieces or you will never remember which little squarish piece is which. The edges get a little bulky and my machine groaned a few times as I crammed stuff under the presser foot. It is also a bit akward to maneuver at times with all the bulk. The assembly is nothing short of ingenious even though it involves a lot of basting and some hand stitching.
The pattern calls for a purse zipper which I ordered online only to receive the wrong kind of zipper and find out after it was already installed that Hancock's carries them! The zipper pocket should have the zipper pulls in the middle not on either side like mine. I don't think that's going to be a big deal for me though. I may make another just to have the right zipper!

All in all, this was definitely worth the effort, 2 trips to Hancock's, online order of the wrong zipper, and lots of basting! I think this purse will serve me well through the summer! Maybe the next one will be a winter version!


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