Georgia Quilt Show 2010

Four years into doing shows and I think we created out best booth ever. My other mother, Barbara, insisted that I create a layout for this booth. Two weeks ago we were in Chantilly and I was a wreck, I keep rearranging the fixtures and I was never quite happy.  It took a lot of paper, crumble up and recycled, before I came up with a good open design.
So here is my paper draft:
Layout GQS Booth 
So amazingly enough, it did not fit quite as drawn cause there were poles in the back, which I thought I accounted for and power cord issues BUT!
Here is the finished booth:
Georgia Quilt Show 2010 011
And Another View:
Georgia Quilt Show 2010 015
Wow! it took a long time to build this booth, mostly cause it was so different from our previous booths but I really love it and folks can see all the wonderful patterns and fabric.
Just as an aside, we did cover all the understock and boxes before the customers arrived.
Thanks Mom Barbara for pushing me to build a better booth. And Thanks Georgia Quilt Council and all the amazing folks who stopped in to shop, this was our best show this year!

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A "Very" Cool Quilt

One of our customers just emailed me some great pictures of a quilt she made using Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. There are now three lines out by the amazing children's author.
I bought the fabric from you earlier this year and firstly made a cot quilt for a baby grandson. Then I made this larger single bed quilt for 2 year old William. Just wanted to say thanks - the fabric is great quality and easy to sew with. The colour are bright and very effective together.
Although I also bought some of your panels, I decided to make the pictures in this quilt with applique. The appliques are mostly from the Hungry Caterpillar fabric, too. i'll do some with the panels next!
Hungry Catapillar Quilt from Customer

Alison, Thanks for sharing! I love the applique.
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