Llama Rescue Fundraiser

I was asked to help out a friend who is part of the Southeast Llama Rescue. They just did their the spring shearing and they are looking for folks who are interested in crafting or spinning the llama fleece. I am helping by shipping the fleece out. Here is some information about llama fleece I copied from the site Joy of Handspinning
Llamas are related to the Alpacas, but are larger and taller. Llama fiber, like alpaca, comes in a variety of natural colors such as, white, fawn, cinnamon, silver gray, and black. Characteristics
• Natural, Animal
• No lanolin or grease
• Fiber Lightweight,
• Soft, less elasticity than wool
• Luxurious • Very durable
• Hand-washable or dry-cleanable
• Little static, no pilling
• Dyes well
• Blends extremely well with other fibers
Preparing Llama For Spinning
Hardcarders Llama can be handcarded into rolags. It is best to use handcarders with fine teeth. Do not over card it or you will cause lumps to form (unless of course your intention is to spin a textured yarn).
Drumcarders Use a drumcarder with fine teeth to create large batts for spinning. Spinning Llama is the same as spinning alpaca.
End Uses For Llama Yarn Llamas have both outer guard hairs and an undercoat of fiber. The guard hairs are longer, thicker, straight, and wiry. They should be pulled out or combed out of a shorn fleece, because it will resist spinning, dyeing, and felting.
Good for: pillows, rugs, ropes, and wall hangings. The down fibers of the Llama are shorter, softer, and wavy with some crimp, and will produce a soft yarn. Good for: hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters, socks, et.

So if you would like me to send you a medium flat rate box stuffed full of llama fleece (about half of one llama's fleece)  

Step One: Make a donation to to the Southeast Llama Rescue
The donation is between you and the organization, it is tax deductible.  

Step Two Pay for the shipping: Use the button below to pay for the flat rate box and a $1.00 fee to pay for the labels and tape to close up the boxes.

Most of the fleece is a mixture of white & black, if you would prefer I send only white or black please indicate when you pay for the shipping.

Step Three: I check with the organization to confirm your donation and then I mail out your Priority box stuffed full of fleece.

I will not start shipping out the fleece until 6/18/2012


Friday, February 3, 2012, an amazing power left this world, my grandmother. Her name, to me, was Grandma Casey. When my children were born she became their GiGi. She was know to most as Bette. Betty Rae, to the readers of Capper Farmer in the 1930s and to those who met her as a runway model. On her marriage license to my grandfather her name was Elizabeth. She lived an amazing life, her stories where my favorites.

Chiefs "Class of 62"

Our last show was at the Villages near Lady Lake, Florida. I think it is billed as the largest retirement community in Florida. It is impressive. About a month ago my mom said she wanted to go to the the show. My mom does travel with me, very occasionally. She liked the comfort of her own bed more than the joy of long car rides, booth building and etc...

She had an ulterior motive! My mom is very involved with her high school friends. This year is the 50th anniversary class reunion, which fall during the Darke County Fair (Largest in Ohio, I am told). My mom has been talking about it since last summer.

Moebius Cowls

Cashmere Moebius
Cashmere Cowl

I crochet, I really like to crochet. I took a knitting class, I don't knit, yet. For the holidays I wanted to make something classy for my my mom and my friends and I searched and searched on the free patterns at Ravelry. Scarves are pretty easy and so are hats, they seem more like guy gifts. I tried slippers, they never ended up the same size, maybe I can't do matching or maybe I can't count. So Cowls...

Introducing... YARN

So yes, yarn. it is not so much a new thing as just new to Some Art Fabric. At our next show, Quilters & Stitchers Marketplace, One Stop Shop Hop in The Villages, FL we will introduce recycled - reclaimed yarn. I am not sure if it should be called recycled or reclaimed.
Recycled: to pass again through a series of changes or treatments: as a : to process (as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain material for human use b : recover 6 c : to reuse or make (a substance) available for reuse

Reclaimed : to rescue from an undesirable state; also : to restore to a previous natural state <reclaim mining sites>
I am working on some tag info to go with each center pull cake of yarn:
Out on a trek to hunt and gather new materials, I came upon this forgotten sweater hanging forlorn in a thrift store. I took the sweater home and gently washed it. Once the sweater was dry, I carefully dismantled it, creating yards and yards of beautiful fluffy yarn that would soon be used by countless creative individuals to make new and amazing things. 
This used to be a sweater! What are you going to do with it?  

Yarn For Booth

New Bad Habits

I'm sure it really began way before 2011. My oldest daughter took her first crochet class in 2008, she is a natural and picked it up easily. Fast forward to the spring of 2011, J decided she wanted to make Amigurimi creatures. Introduce Janet, the crochet teacher at out LYS (Local Yarn Shop), she is amazing, we love her. Since they did not have a children's class, I purchased private lessons, I decided to hang around and refine my limited skills.

First Show of 2012!

Jacksonville QuiltFest 2011

Sanford North Carolina was hopping this week with the annual Quilting and Fiber Arts Festival. You guys missed a good time! Got in around 2 am last night, did not mean to drive the whole way but I did. The girls have a Girl Scout Cookie Rally today and I wanted J to be home for it.

We had a Great Show, lots of friend vendors and friend customers. Everyone was excited that a Sewing Expo will be happening in Raleigh NC this summer, dates were just announced (June 21-23), no additional info yet.

Wow 2012 Already

Happy New Year!
It has been ages since I have posted and man do I have an excellent excuse.

2011 will always be "The Year Some Art Fabric Did 25 Shows."

Yep, I was in somewhere USA every other weekend in 2011. That is not really how quilt shows work, I was on the road for entire months, then home for a week or a night, then on the go again. This is a bit stressful for my family and my children. We started to homeschool this year so the girls could travel with me, but my youngest can be such a pouter that she is now only allowed to go on shows if one of her grandmothers can come along as chaperone. My older daughter is a rock star of customer service. This causes conflict, since big sister gets to go to shows and little sister does not. As a plus, I have seen friends and family that I have not seen in years, my girls got to meet my cousins' children in Cincinnati, my BF's children in Chicago, my aunts in Florida, etc.

We are wrapping up the longest break of the year, our last show was in West Palm Beach in mid November and I have been home and in theory, recovering. The show season starts again this week in Sanford, NC. So I am cutting and folding lots of new fabric. We will be cutting back on shows a bit this year, I think we are at 13 shows right now, with a few pending.

Here is a calendar so you can see when we will be visiting you!


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