Chicago, really Schaumberg

Well the travel really never ceases these days. May has been light for travel, June starts a new series. Right now I am working on an overdue Birthday quilt that needs to be done for this cute child.

Schaumberg IL

Before View Master was cool!

In the final summer of the Atlanta College of Art, my older daughter and I decided to continue our education with some community ed. It was a sad summer to be at ACA, feelings were mixed, their purchase by Savannah College of Art & Design did not fit well with all. As a SCAD grad I understood, but I know that you can't mess with SCAD it has a life force all it's own.

Anyway this post is supposed to be about me being cool before my time:

4 Color Screen print circa 2004

See the view master disc, I though I was all that. Melody Miller eat your heart out, granted she is the one with a fabric line not me :-)


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