Rainy Day Fun -- Insect Window Shade

I won't claim that this idea sprang into being with out influence. While I was out trolling my favorite blogs I saw a post at More Ways to Waste Time pointing to mobile made out of old books, these mobiles were more elaborate and I think they used glue. They were lovely so I tucked the idea in the back of my head and there it was waiting to be made. So thunder and lightening crashing and flashing in the back ground the girls and I set about doing what we do best, making a mess and calling it ART.

We started with a lonely window.

We found one of my thift store books and began to remove the pages, lots o fun ripping up an old book.

We found all the summer bugs that you would not want in the house and started to cut out stacks of them with the Accu cut.

We found the crochet yarn (could not believe it when I ask my seven year old were it was and she actually walked away and returned with it), pulled off a length, halved it and tied a loop at the fold.

We punched 2 small holes in each insect (mostly me, cause the girls can't do the punch yet). Here is hoping slight friction will keep these paper insects in place for longer than a day.

We started stringing the insects onto the crochet yarn through the 2 holes. We placed the finished string onto the tension rod I picked up at Target this am.

All in all this was a great deal of fun, made the computer corner a bit more crafty and keep my girls from making me crazy while the rain keep us out of the pool. Good Fun.


Katie Kutthroat said...

this is such a cool idea.. id love one of these in my arts and craft room!

PolymerClayTutor said...

These are wonderful! Some of them look darker. Did you ink them? ~Cindy Lietz


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