Moda University -- Day One

Well, Moda U was an all out blast. We spent three days learning new stuff and meeting new people.

Day One

Thursday: We meet up at Moda in Dallas TX, had a bit to eat and were separated into sororities. I have never pledged a sorority, I went to art school. It was kinda fun to have house moms. We were off for a tour, my tour groups was lead by the man himself, Mark Dunn. The tour should be a post all in it self. They do all of the packaging right there on the Moda Campus, design, pack and play. After the tour my sorority received the first of many goodie bags. We were to alter and create a new look for our bag.

After play time we went upstairs and met Mark for a brief talk and introduction to the designer Moda brought in to educate and inspire us.

First up: Laundry Basket Quilts, Edita Sitar. She designs quilts and batik fabric for Moda. Her work is beautiful and her talk was about reason people quilt. Apparently there are a bunch of them;-). We have her Pathway Batik line, which is a wonderful collection because it has those hard to find light batiks. Edita is loves to combine batiks and prints. She mostly does appliqué and we will have her Shooting Star pattern with templates in soon.

After the lecture we had snacks and then supper. After supper we had a wonderful show featuring a great Elvis impersonator, cute. I was not close to the front and I was glad. Elvis zeroed in on Edita and proceeded to embarrass the crud out of her. Off to the hotel for a night of slumber.WAIT : they were picking us up at 7:45 the next am. I thought I was on holiday;-)

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