Lego Bracelet Tutorial

Yes, I took another trip to the Hobby Lobby. I went for the first time before Christmas and now I am a bit hooked, they have tons!!! of great junk.

Remember my warning about not reinventing the wheel. Well this is a super fun wheel and a great project for little ish ones, (Choking Hazard) as long as Mom is in charge of the E 6000.

This project does require some pre-planning:
Wait till the jewelry is 50% off and head to your local HL. We used the square bezel bracelet and the square bezel bobby pin.
Check out your supply of Lego Blocks, the 2 x 2 brick or the 2 x 2 plate work perfectly. I did not have a stash of Legos so I went to the Lego Pick a Brick store and ordered a bunch of 2 x 2 plate, they are 11 cents each.


The bracelets are for adults, they have seven square bezels, I removed one of the squares to reduce the size of the bracelet so my 7 year old could wear it. I moved the clasp to the new end. I did not need any jewelry tools, needle nose pliers might help.


After your cute assistant has created their color/design scheme you get to glue. I found a smaller brick to help me hold onto the 2 x plate. The glue is thick and smelly. Do not over glue, a little goes a long way.



Place the plate into the bezel and continue until done. The glue needs to dry for 24 hours before the kiddos can wear it. We did pilfer some of little bits Lego Flowers to embellish with.


The bobby pins work the same way, little bit's hair is a too thin to hold the bobby pins, it worked fine on her sisters and on my hair.


As a last little aside, I made a bracelet (which started as a necklace but did not work) with the extra bezel. I used the nylon loops used in the pot holder weaving sets and 2 jump rings. If you were working with a lot of girls and wanted to be quick, this could be a good solution.


The flowers can also be ordered from the Pick a Brick Shop. When I went to check my links I saw this, it is not fair for Lego to cash in on cuteness this way! I have 2 in my shopping cart for the geeks I love.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! my daughter wants to have a Lego birthday party this year and figuring out some girly Lego gift ideas has been killing me. This is a great idea and has sparked a few more!
-Amy W.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy,

We are a bunch of geeky Lego girls too!

My girls are girly girls so we need to wear our Legos as jewelry!

Good Luck with the party.

trashmaster46 said...

Cute bracelet!


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