Cute Zippered Bag Tutorial

This is my happy design, last month I purchased 50 small zippers for a class, when the class fell through I started working on a small zippered bag / pouch pattern to share. The proto type was made for a four year old my daughter loves, for her birthday.

This is a great size bag for small gifts, or as a make up bag or as a large change purse. The top of the bag has a slight curve which I love and the bottom is boxed. I finished the tutorial the am but I am already thinking about ways to make the bag better. I think I might add a wristlet or a bit of ribbon to hook a key to. I am getting ready for the holidays and I am getting as much sewing done as I can this summer.

Find the tutorial here.I finished these last night, on my way to a handmade holiday.


janep said...

Hi your pouches are really cute. I've made many pouches before but this is my first curved top pouch. It turned out great. Check it out at

dthneece said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been searching for a tutorial that shows how to sew a dome shaped zipper onto a change purse! What an awesome tutorial--the pics are sooo clear and the instructions explain so well!


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