Moda U -- Reflections

Moda U was a delight, as I get a few days away from it I am reflective.

Sunday morning during breakfast at the hotel I met a great couple, they were at the retreat but I I never meet them. They also have an online store. Their store is very similar to mine and we spent 2 hours talking about the trial and tribulations of online shop ownership. I had my lap top so we looked at each others sites and talked about shopping carts and way to make our site more engaging. I am blessed that we met over breakfast. Moda worked exceptionally hard to make us all feel welcomed and important. I have very few things they could improve upon.

I would urge Moda to think outside the box. I enjoyed Professor Kelly on Friday, but due to the fact that I run an online store I will never hold a Moda U meeting like that. How about some fun stuff for online shops. How do we make the block of the month work for us? Or create a Moda University club. Moda has added a new internet provided that is a shopping cart with their inventory already in it. I am sure we would have loved to meet up with those folks. I am not sure I want to labeled Online or Brick & Mortar, etc but an organized bull session about using a blog to promote your shop would have been great.

All in all, Thanks Moda for stepping up to educate the shop owners and to get us excited about what we love, quilting.

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