Moda U -- Day 3

Oh, it all ends too soon. Saturday was quiet, with even more gifts from Moda. Mark Dunn spoke to us after breakfast, he talked about the future and education.

Moda is breaking ground on a new facility intended to to support their Moda University and to be an outreach for all those interested in the future sewing generation.

Terry Clothier Thompson closed out the retreat with a short talk about vintage fabrics and how to sell them, identify them , and enjoy them. She had her Louisa May Alcott quilt there and the book. I love this pattern and it may push me over to the appliqué side. I also love all the history included with her patterns. After reading the book I started looking for more information about Louisa and her family and friends. Terry also talked a bit about her Fabric Camp in Lawrence KS. I hope to make it next summer.

I did not spend a lot of time on what Moda U is, mostly because it seems to be more of a philosophy then an actual thing. As I interpret it, the philosophy is about supporting all shop owners with the tools we need to make quilting fun and to engage our customers in the ongoing pursuit of the next quilt. I left the retreat excited, pumped up and ready to get sewing, which is good cause I have 3 new UFOs.

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