Blue Ridge Kiwanis Fair

There are some childhood activities that parents simple endure, this parent anyway. My fear and aversion to amusement parks is deep-seated and kind of overwhelming but there I was on Thursday night with my mom and my 2 kids. Why? Peer pressure. Just because my parents could not keep me in tow as a youngster does not mean I will lose my kids right? I hope not. As a child, I spent almost every trip to an amusement park in the lost and not yet found. Granted my parents had 2 loud rambunctious boys and me, the quiet wonderer, who quietly wandered away often.

The Kiwanis fair is an annual event in Blue Ridge. My oldest daughter went last year with my mom and she speaks of it with all the awe and grace a 7-year-old can. This year I decided to put my fear aside and drive up for a visit and some quality time in hell (not the visit, my mom is great, the fair). This year there were animals, oh yeah, and lots of big rides that are only in place for 3 days, but during that time they sling hundreds of children high in the air to their screams of delight. We purchased our tickets and went into wonderland. To be honest, I could people watch here for hours but that was a not to be as the girls immediately attempted to separate and draw us to what interested them. Arabella is always my charge and Julia went off with Oma to buy tickets. My memories are certainly colored by my childhood , whereas the girls had a blast. No one got lost or terribly cranky. Arabella had the singular honor of using her first porta potty, which she did not enjoy. As we ran out of tickets a light breeze sprang up and we began to feel tiny droplets of water. Time to go. Thanks God.

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