Moda University -- Day 2

Off we go to Moda! This morning is jammed pack. First up another gift box, this one was filled with goodies we would need to complete our inspirational project once we got home.

We started out in their computer class, met their web master and learned about Fabric Matcher. Please go play with this cool new feature. They have their newest collections as swatches and a bunch of the patterns they distribute. You pick your fabrics and your pattern to get a sneak at what your final quilt will look like. The program then generates a shopping list to help your find all of the things you need at your local or online shop, like mine. You can also enter to win their contest and receive your pattern and fabric free. Ya team. I could have spent the whole day playing with this, BUT we had to move on.

Next up: Cozy Quilts -- aka Daniella Stout

Who would think strips could be so fun (you should see what happened after supper). Daniella created over 50 designs for jelly rolls, along with a couple of cool templates, the stripe tube ruler and the 10 inch ruler. I am in love with her stuff and will be getting in some of her patterns and tools soon.

Onward: Terry Clothier Thompson

Of famed Kansas City Trouble. Terry is a world renown textile expert, she was showing off two of her templates, the vine line and the border line. Very cool additions to your tool box if you do a lot of appliqué.

Last but certainly not least: Laundry Basket Quilt -- Edita Sitar

She demoed raw edge appliqué using one of her striking floral designs and gave us a great list of pro and cons for which fusible she prefers for her work. She also shared a great pattern for making a book cover that is very similar to mine but even better because the front has a beautiful clematis design on it.

This day is no where near done - We still get to meet Professor Kelly. She runs Moda U at a quilt shop in Waco TX, and we spent the next hour having a mock Moda U meeting. What great fun: Fabric Jeopardy, Name that fabric category, infomercial about "new Products", an announcer and door prizes. I wish I lived closer I would be there every month.

Wine & Cheese and time in the "lab". This is my first mention of "The Moda Lab", this is their mock store, which is full of great display ideas. This is the holiday display.

Dinner and a Cabaret
To protect the innocent I will not go too far into this but there was a woman, hanging off the ceiling ala Cirque du Soleil style and a Moda employee, cash and a cummerbund. If they post pictures at the Moda site I will share, but I put my camera down.


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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

beautiful cards; I will attempt to make one, and just hope it turns out half as pretty as yours!


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