Polly Goes Postal

What do you do with all those Christmas cards after Christmas is over and the tree is thrown out and all the decorations are put to rest for another year? You could save them forever and someday let your children throw out millions of cards from people they never met or don't remember. You could toss them in the trash but that's not very exciting and adds to the landfills. Hey, I know, you could run them through your trusty die cutter and make envelopes fit for Polly Pocket!

Now your next question, and justifiably so, is what in world would Polly do with all those envelopes? Well, turns out Polly's post office won't take them. Something about the wrong envelope and excess charges for something or other based on color, texture, and size. OK, so how about using them for gift labels next year?! That would just be too cute, especially if you remembered who sent you which card and gave it back to them in an altered form. They would also be useful for scrapbooking apparently, although I have no first hand experience with scrapbooking and have no clue what you would do with them in that arena. They would make a great money holder if you wanted to put a $100 bill in one! After all, the greatest things come in small packages, like my premature daughter.

So here's to a new year of up-cycling! Maybe Polly's post office will eventually accept these and do their bit for the environment.


Some Art Fabric said...

Too Cute! When can I borrow the itty bitty die ;-)

Quilting Diva said...

I cut them, trim the corners and punch a hole in the top. Voila! A book mark!

Martha said...

Ok, these are great ideas! I have some really pretty ones this year. In the past, I have recycled them as name tags on gifts, but never thought about altering them. Oh, and this year, I barely got the packages wrapped, but next year...Ah, in 2008, all things are possible. Bookmarks are a great idea too! BTW, who is Polly?


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