And Bingo Was a Bag-O

Mom recently requested a bag to carry to Bingo. No my mom isn't old, she just likes to gamble and that's the most convenient place. She has to keep track of her daubers, her Coke, and all her $100 bills that she wins. Being the good daughter that I am, and knowing that my mom is nothing if not fashionable, I set out to make the perfect Bingo Bag.

The requirements were simple, not too big, lots of pockets, and my own requirement, FUN! I poked around the web for ideas and found these absolutely hideous bags they are selling for Bingo players. Yes, there are websites for the sole purpose of selling Bingo paraphanalia. You would not believe the selection of daubers! None of those ugly bags were going to do for my stylish mom. I poked around my sewing room and stumbled across the Lazy Girl Gracie Bag pattern. It had lots of pockets, an interesting silhouette, and was the perfect size! Ok, fabric...hmmmm. I found some scraps from making my husbands boxers (yes he wears gambling boxers) and some polka dots that are supposed to be for another project (oh well, I know where to get more) and some great red twill left over from my most recent pair of pants.

It all came together to make the most adorable bag! I even tried something new...printing fabric through my inkjet printer. I ironed it to some wax paper and found the perfect picture for the closure. I swiped it off the internet which I'm sure poses some legal issues but it's for MOM! Surely, she would bail me out?


Sequana said...

You should send this to Joan Hawley at Lazy Girl. She loves seeing unusual ways to use those patterns.

Martha said...

OK, so is that just too cute or what! Your mom's buddies may be ordering their bingo bags from you now.

Michelle said...

i would love to have this bingo bag for my mom. she turns 90 this month and would love it. it is so it. anyone interested in making me one quickly?

Bingo Equipment said...

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