Almost another UFO

This one almost became yet another of my many UFO's (UnFinished Objects, of the sewing variety). It's a simple child's jacket that I managed to make difficult. Not that I ever try to sew fast - that takes all the fun out of it.

This cute little jacket is from Ottobre, issue spring 2007, pattern 12 - the floral jacket. I figured it would go with the little cord pants I made for DGD this Christmas. Yep, I had envisioned completing the whole thing before Christmas. Good thing there's a younger DGD to wear clothes that are too small for the older one once I get around to finishing something!

I made the jacket with coordinating Baby Nay stretch cord to match the previously posted "pants with frills". Because this jacket will be used in New Hampshire (brrrr), I interlined it with cotton flannel (step one in making it not-easy-anymore). Then I lined most of it with cotton batik, but lined the sleeves with Bemberg rayon so that it wouldn't catch on clothes (step two).

Then I tried to replicate a "bagging" process I remember using one time with one of my own jackets. Oh, and I inserted a separating zipper. Yikes! The zipper nearly drove me mad. I have no idea why now that I look at the result. It seems so easy.

Now that it's complete I'm all set to try out some more Ottobre clothes - this time without lining, without interlining, and maybe without a bulky separating zipper!

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