Charmed - Charm Pack Ideas

I love Charm Packs. Most quilters do. What a delight, a 5 inch piece of fabric of every fabric in a collection. Like most quilters I snatch them up and I am starting to order them for the store. BUT after you finish fondling them and oohing and aahing, what in the world are you supposed to make with them??

Well I am working on just that. Our newest charm pack is from the Valentine line, Flirtations by Moda. Beautiful browns, reds and pinks. lot of hearts and swirls. Ideas anyone?

My first idea, after chatting with a friend, is to make little rag bags and heart shaped pillows or pin cushions. Pretty easy. I just cut some 4 inch squares of left over batting (1.5 inches for the side pieces) and went to town. Took me a try or two to figure out the easiest method to put the sides onto the front and back, but I like the way they looked after I washed them. I have only put a handle on one. I sewed 2 buttons back to back on both sides and beaded (actually my 6 year old beaded) some wire for the handle. In the picture I have some wonderful valentines I ordered from Accoutrement, love the vintage silliness.

The next idea is not quite finished. A few years ago my students and I made heart pillows for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to make things scrappier and use hour glass units instead on the simpler original design. A bit overkill, but I finished the block, now I am not sure if I want to make a pillow or a tote bag. More Later.

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