Sugar Skull Paper Banner

Well it was time!
I wanted to update the family room to celebrate the season: new paper die cut window treatment and a new banner for the mantel.

The window treatment was originally done 2 summers ago and I keep changing out the paper die cuts to fit my mood or the season. This is the original blog entry with instructions.

The mantel banner is a new idea, the sugar skulls are so easy to string horizontally. You just slide the string through the existing decorations in the forehead.

Look like we are almost ready for the wicked.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

the skulls are fun but I LOVE LOVE LOVE those face jugs - they're awesome.

Some Art Mama said...

Thanks, I was just recently allowed to turn them around, my 6 year old thinks they are freaky. I picked them up at the Work of our Hands Holiday sale 2 years ago.


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