Simple Pin Cushion

Today I taught 30 + teenagers to made this pincushion by hand. They seemed to like it, those that tried. These could be used for almost anything, bean bag, sachet, etc. all depending on what you stuff it with.

1. Start with one square of fabric.*
2. Fold in half RST, Sew down both short edges.*
3. Open.*
4. Pin RST at the seams.*
5. Leave a GAP. DETAIL.*
6. Sew down long seam, stop leave a gap, sew to the edge.*
7. Turn and push out corners.*
8. Stuff.*
9. Use a ladder stitch to close the gap.*
10. Add an embellishment.*
11. Maybe a Wool Butterfly.*
12. Maybe a Wool Flower.*

We started with a 6.5 inch square. I can think of hundreds of ways to fancy this up. It took me about 5 minuted to make this on machine, it took most of my students 90 minutes to make it by hand, some of them had never even threaded a needle.

* Link Image Detail


Mary said...

Oh, that is so cute!

casserole said...

These are so cute!! I counted only four seams from start to finish. Fabulous!!

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Some Art Mama said...

Thanks for the linky love. Anne


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