PUNK Rock Nappy Bag

Happy Birthday Baby Jacob!

I bet Amy Butler never thought there would be such a punk rock version of her Nappy Bag. My little brother needed a diaper bag that was a bit more him. The fabric is from Alexander Henry, Calaveras Bonitas

I really loved this pattern and the bag is so much larger than I expected and I guess it should be since there are 5 yards of fabric used in the exterior and the liner. The construction was very ingenious and I like the canvas used inside as stabilizer, it added a nice weight to the bag. The bag has loads of pocket and was easy to make. I think I may be making one for me, but there will never be any diapers in it (thank god! I am done with my decade of diapers)

Here is the big boy on his first birthday, messy cake and all.

We visited friends who have a salt water pool, very nice. Gotta love the sleek look of swim diapers.

I had to slip this image in cause, well it is my boys: our dad, my brother and then my nephew Hadyn.

One of the best things about all of them. I can always make them something and they love it. For dad it is anything with Santa, for Brent it is tools or skulls, and for Hadyn it is turtles.

Any you know what is ever cooler, they can all sew and they do a pretty amazing job at it.

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stacy said...

Absolutely LOVE the nappy bag! I've been thinking of making a new one for myself in some sort of Alexander Henry Tattoo print.... now that I've seen yours, I'm inspired to make it now!


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