The blogs has been fairly quiet this summer, I was busy being a full time mom. WOW, I am glad school is back in session. I get more done working half a day than I do when I have the whole day off.

One of my new bad habits is crochet, not with yarn, with fabric strips. I saw an article last year showing you how to make continuous yardage for strips and I tucked it away. They were making rugs for a fundraiser.

My first rug took 10 yards of fabric and is about a 40 inch circle, a great stash buster but not great if I want to sell them or gift them. so I though mmm...what else can I use this skill on?

trivets -- easier, faster, maybe sell able at the very least a great gift.

This is my first attempt (really my second, I pulled the first one apart) to make a star. I kinda followed the instructions but my first go had 8 points because I forgot to skip a stitch.

I may really love this, I am not sure how much fabric I used, guessing about 2 yards. I wish I could make it a bit smaller but it only took me a half hour to make, so the real expense is the fabric. Yarn dyed plaids and Batiks work best because the color is solid through the fabric (no right or wrong side).

Here is the pattern, it is supposed to be a 5 inch coaster but mine is a 15 ish inch trivet.

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