A Tisket, a Tasket a Beautiful Little Basket

What hangs on the door, catches on all your miscellaneous stuff, and uses just a little fabric? Why this little hanging basket from In Stitches by Amy Butler. I think I shall make one for every door in my house and then maybe my counters would stay clutter free.

Made in a fabulous Japanese print from Kokka with a coordinating Mingle polka dot, this tote is sure to attract attention from all who enter. As all Amy Butler patterns, the instructions are a bit wordy but the pictures are great. My only caveat is the timtex. It is very stiff which gives the bag its rigidity but makes it difficult to turn and stitch at times. The pattern also called for boning which I omitted. I think it would be easier to make and just as effective with craft weight interfacing.

As for the fabric, the Japanese fabrics are absolutely wonderful to work with and the charming prints are so fun to read. It coordinates well with the polka dots and brown cotton canvas. The fabric screams to made into a retro skirt, trendy apron, or tote bag. I think it would make adorable hand towels too. The possibilities are endless.

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