Creating Repeat Patterns with Photoshop

School is back in session and I really want my students to get excited about the textiles class I am trying to get started. Sew my photo / graphic students are using Photoshop to make fabric. Cool trick right!

The kids started with a simple logo, for the example I used this heart peace symbol. We use the free transform tool to take the single logo and make different sizes and different tilting angles. When we tiled that in Photoshop it was kinda boring, and there was too much negative space (which is not the space that makes you fell bad about yourself).

So I found a better tutorial and this one ROCKS!(tutorial site was hacked I will relink ASAP We followed the instruction and .... here it is.

Now I need to call Kinko's and see how much a large color copy on acetate is. That will determine if we have to keep it small or if we can print the maximum size for our screen. We will not be creating continuous yardage, the kids will only print this once or twice, we may even have to do additional cropping to incorporate a number of students designs onto one screen. Hopefully, they will make a pouch or pencil case.

Stay tuned, we will not get the screens burned until next week, I am working on a tutorial for using the Yudu Screen printer with wood frame screens.


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