You might need a tailor if...

you really want to copy your favorite top using your favorite fabric and you don't have a clue.


you need lots o samples and you are out of time.


you want to support those who MAKE.

or all of the above.

In January I started looking for someone to help make samples for the spring shows. I love showing off the fabric in finished bags, quilts and garments but there are only so many hours in the day.

I found someone, she is a wonder. She is actually my dad's tailor as I was very clear that I would never fix or alter one of his Santa suits. She made many of the skirts at our spring sales and now she has impressed me even more by remaking my favorite shirt and she did not even have to take it apart. My grandmother could do this and although she taught me how to sew I think I must have blocked out some of the more difficult lesson.

I love Tula Pink's Fabric Designs, the fabric for the shirts is from her Flutterby Collection, so I am wearing snails and butterflies. My tailor is making me a few more but those will be out of solids, linen and the like.

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