Strawberry Fields Forever

Yummy Good Fun !

We went over to Harry Stacy's Farm to pick some strawberries. The girls loved it. Our models for the "shoot" include my hubby, the "girls" and a special appearance by Indie Craft Goddess Miss Shannon.

I made jam this morning and at the request of my #2 child fresh strawberry pie. We still have 3 of the small baskets in the fridge. I think one more batch of jam tonight.

Harry Stacy's Farm

Before you take your off to pick, call and know that the google directions were not good and that the roads have real names and gangster names. We had to get directions. Try to arrive as soon as they open cause they get picked out fast.

IMPORTANT NOTE!! Keep an eye out for LOST MOUNTAIN NURSERY it is on Dallas HWY on the left as we were heading to Harry Stacy's it has an amazing variety of plants. I failed to take any pictures cause I was overwhelmed by the abundance but I will be heading back to both the farm and the nursery soon.

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