Amy Vanderbilt would be so happy!

I was a bit behind the eight ball on my mother's day offering. I pulled through with a great project that saved not only me but about 35 teenagers from certain parental doom and disappointment.

Thursday evening the wonderful UPS man dropped my Accucut order and I was off to the basement to make SOMETHING!.

These flowers are so beautiful and classic they gave life to my Amy Vanderbilt "Complete Book of Etiquette." I am sure she would be proud.

I cut a bazillion flowers and brought them to school on Friday were both of my classes indulged me and made gifts for their maternal units. The kids got really creative and added them to cards and made bouquets.

Kinda interesting my photo kids loved them plain and my younger basic art kids wanted to add color to them. This is one of the projects I will use this summer at camp.

I need to go to the big box and get another wire wreath cause I need one of these to keep for myself.

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