Toilet Paper Faces

I originally saw this up at Loudreams.
It was inspired by the work of Junior Jacquet.

This is totally me trying to find something good to do with toilet paper roll. I am ever the art teacher. Unfortunately I may not be the sculptor, at the very least I need more practice.

To create the faces I dampened the TP roll let it sit for about 10 minutes than started to push, pinch and bend. Many were unrecognizable.

BUT you can see it RiGHT?? My students helped me paint these and they are a bit garish. One student was particularly complementary and asked how I could be so good at something I just tried, those are great teaching days. I think I might do this with my campers, I need to check the with resident children and see if they can make these with out destroying the rolls integrity.


Chen R. said...

I just LOVE these!! They're beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

They look like george Bush!


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