ReMaking Crayons

Folks I am in stitches. I wrote this instructable last week and it has hit big time. Who would have thunk it. Melting crayons is my new claim to fame.
It has been boinged and craftzined.

I guess I will take it where I get it. Famous for an art trick I discovered when I was student teaching a decade ago and wanted to go on a nature walk and do texture rubbings. Big Grin.

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Dot said...

Heheh, enjoy your 15 minutes of internet fame :)

I've been boing boing'd twice that i know of, but neither time for anything really cool I did. Once for this photo i took:

and once for this post: (the Brain Hemorrhage I linked to: )

So at least your 15 minutes is some you did crafty! :)


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