Birds of Change Exchange

Just mailed off my set of 5 to the Creative Kismet for her Birds of Change Exchange. This are made with recycled pop cans and beads that are really seeds & pits. I scavenged them from a necklace I found in a "classy" thrift shop.

Due to the response the birds are now available for purchase at the shop.
There are more pics up at flickr.


Melanie O said...

These are breathtaking! How in the world do you recycle pop cans (or, um, soda cans...) to create something so beautiful? You should do a tutorial or a brief how-to (unless you already have, then please point me to it!)

Dot said...

I love the wings on them... :)

Some Art Mama said...

These are made by cutting the can with a die cut machine. Unfortunately, I think it might be dangerous to attempt to cut the complicated shapes out manually. They are now available for purchase at our shop.

Regina said...

I received your amazing birds today. Thank you so much for the extra bird. I LOVE it. It is truly one of my favorites and I am so excited to have one. Thank you, Thank you!


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