Paper Hearts ala Sister Diane

I loved Sister Diane's tutorial last week for the recycled jewelry. I reworked it a bit to make hearts. I used 12 inch scrapbook paper (cause I really wanted lots of pink & red) and a bit of gold pigment.
This is my proto type, kinda looks alienish. We are making these for my daughter's girl scout troop next month.


desidou said...

Speaking of Girl Scouts - is Julia selling cookies? If so, I need to buy some from her....tell her to give me a call and I'll put my order in :)

SisterDG said...

Wow! This is awesome - I love the heart form, and I really like the look of coiling around a group of forms, like you did here. So glad you liked the tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration! XO

Regina said...

The heart is WAY cool. Thanks for the link on how to make it. :)


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