Sewing Your Own Bra

Sunday I took an amazing class with world class sewing teacher Anne St Claire, she owns Needle Nook Sewing. On Friday we all trooped in to be measured and fitted for our very own custom support system. My bra issues were limited, I don't really own any real ones, as I am just now throwing away my nursing bras.

I struggled through and finished my first every bra, ( 8 hours) it was no where near as complicated as I thought it would be but I don't really like the flimsy, slidey tricot and it did not like my cute little travel machine. There are a lot of steps to make a properly supportive garment and my new bra is very perky but I don't like the underwire even if it makes for a better look.

One of Anne's entourage, Deb, made a bra using standard quilt cotton and I am kinda excited about that. I have a piece of fabric from Moda's new line Fresh Squeezed, (I know it was my hubby's idea) in the wash right now. I need to make a second bra before I forget everything I learned yesterday.

Well here is the finished BRA. I did not use underwire in this one because the one I made yesterday feels like it is digging into my arm pits and my chest. Even with the same pattern these bras are vastly different. The woven cotton one has some weird issues, like the puckers on the seam and a bit of a compressed breast tissue, but the bra is comfortable, more of a house bra than and out and about bra. The second bra only took about 3 hours. I don't think I am going into the lingerie business but I will pursue making bras.

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Heather said...

LOL....I got a kick out of the fresh squeezed fabric. Looks great!


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