One Zipper - Lots of Bags

I am on summer holiday right now and I have BIG PLANS, I tell you, BIG PLANS!

None of which have anything to do with what I have been sewing for the past three days. I went to Gail K last week with the wild idea that I would show folks how to put in a zipper as part of my skill demo at the QSA. Well, it would help if I had a pattern ready and did not decide to teach zippers the day before I left. Another small difficulty is the machine I bring to shows, love it but don't have a zipper foot for it.

I had to scratch the zipper idea but it was gnawing at me so I picked it right back up when I got home. I have made about 15 different bags and may have finally figured out which on I like the best, which is good since I have about 40 more zippers to use up. I promise to post a picture of the winning bag and some instructions when I have a winning bag.

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