Meadow Bag - Melly & Me

Meadow is the newest bag from the sister team Melly & Me. I love the hip young look of all of their projects and this purse looks GOOD and it is easy to make, only taking about an hour. BUT where are the pockets. Whenever I make a sample for the store I follow the directions without modification but on this one I will certainly add some internal pockets or maybe just a Porta Pocket to my next version. The bag was super popular this past weekend at the Alabama Quilting Symposium, silly me I forgot to bring the Jitterbug fabric. I would have sold a bunch of it.


Christy Sews said...

Great! More Melly & Me to acquire. Do you know when you will be getting the new patterns that they discuss on their blog? I figure it's best to just get everything at once!

Some Art Fabric said...

The newest patterns from Melly & Me shipped on Monday, they generally take about 10 business days to arrive.


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