Quilt Symposium of Alabama - Cullman, Alabama

First Stop

Cullman, Alabama

I foolishly did this event by my self but it taught me a lot about patience and a good hand truck. The Alabama Quilt Symposium is held at the Saint Bernard Monastery. It is a great location and the high point was visiting the Ava Maria Grotto. Here is a bit of info from their web page

Benedictine Monk Joseph Zoettel spent 50 years crafting cement, stones and junk into a miniature city of the world's most important religious structures. Born in 1878 in Bavaria, he was maimed in an accident that gave him a hunchback, but luckily didn't hurt his ability to bend over and build tiny things. Brother Joe died in 1961, and all 125 of his buildings still stand, protectively nestled on the campus of St. Bernard Abbey.
I was able to get some great photos in the grotto, especially of my Our Lady of Guadalupe Bag.

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