Pickled Mushroom Anyone?

Start with possibly the coolest fabric, arm yourself with a Lazy Girl Pattern and start cutting. What do you get? A big fat cultured cotton, directionally challenged MESS! I have decided that true lazy girls can only cut squares and they DO NOT ever use directional prints. This one does whip up rather quickly, provided you use something with a tiny pattern or something so hideously ugly that nobody would notice the recipe for pickled mushrooms was not only upside down, but perfectly placed on the bottom of the bag. Grrrr...so it's rip rip rip, break out my higher math skills I've long forgotten and figure out how in the world to fit this pickled mushroom recipe on the SIDE of the bag. Alright, mission accomplished on to the lining. One thing I have learned is that Lazy Girls love to read instructions. I apparently am flawed in this regard and pretty much neglected the entire section on lining and pockets and just chose to look at the pictures instead. I don't recommend this method as you will no doubt end up as I did, with raw edges that were suppposed to be finished and ripping at least 14 lines of stitching. Read the instructions and finally succeeded in a perfect lining and pockets. On to the flap which definitely needed something directional. Obviously I like torture. This wasn't too bad as I have a see through ruler and so just lined it up and zip zip with my faithful rotary cutter and ta-da...gold artichoke. At this point I do believe I heard that music they play in movies when something is perfect and there were definitely twinkles around the corners of the bag. I chopped up a lot of veggies for this bag, does that count as cooking? ...Rena

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