Wow 2012 Already

Happy New Year!
It has been ages since I have posted and man do I have an excellent excuse.

2011 will always be "The Year Some Art Fabric Did 25 Shows."

Yep, I was in somewhere USA every other weekend in 2011. That is not really how quilt shows work, I was on the road for entire months, then home for a week or a night, then on the go again. This is a bit stressful for my family and my children. We started to homeschool this year so the girls could travel with me, but my youngest can be such a pouter that she is now only allowed to go on shows if one of her grandmothers can come along as chaperone. My older daughter is a rock star of customer service. This causes conflict, since big sister gets to go to shows and little sister does not. As a plus, I have seen friends and family that I have not seen in years, my girls got to meet my cousins' children in Cincinnati, my BF's children in Chicago, my aunts in Florida, etc.

We are wrapping up the longest break of the year, our last show was in West Palm Beach in mid November and I have been home and in theory, recovering. The show season starts again this week in Sanford, NC. So I am cutting and folding lots of new fabric. We will be cutting back on shows a bit this year, I think we are at 13 shows right now, with a few pending.

Here is a calendar so you can see when we will be visiting you!

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