Moebius Cowls

Cashmere Moebius
Cashmere Cowl

I crochet, I really like to crochet. I took a knitting class, I don't knit, yet. For the holidays I wanted to make something classy for my my mom and my friends and I searched and searched on the free patterns at Ravelry. Scarves are pretty easy and so are hats, they seem more like guy gifts. I tried slippers, they never ended up the same size, maybe I can't do matching or maybe I can't count. So Cowls...

I like the moebius concept, I think it is cool that it is an infinity loop. I also think they look very classy. The pattern I started with was a free download from p/hop. The pattern is super simple, starts with a FSC Foundation SINGLE Crochet. If you are not familiar with FSC then Future Girl Craft Blog has an excellent tutorial, with videos, to get you started.

I made the first one a little wonky cause I did not understand that I really needed to go around the top and the bottom with each row, it said so in the instruction, I just did not understand it the first time.

After the first one I also realized that I can use any stitch I want after the FSC and get different looks each time. I am having a blast making the cowls, and they are fun to wear.

Start with fewer stitches than the pattern calls for and get a neck warmer, more, a cowl that can be pulled over your head like a hat, even more and you have a shawl. Of course the weight of the yarn and the hook you use affects the circumference of the cowl too. Have fun and keep your ears warm.

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