I love you(r DNA) quilt

Last night I taught a great group of ladies this quilt. I just updated the info. I will post new photos later today.

I just finished my second instructable for the great quilt I designed this weekend.

I made some mistakes with my math on the quilt and I had an extra 2 patches so I made a pillowcase too.

Here is the tutorial for the pillowcase.


missemilysmom said...

I love the quilt!! And thank you for the box of scrap fabric!! I had forgotten about it... The postmaster commented about the weight of the package LOL!!! DD and I have been going through it to pick things out for doll clothes, quilts, etc!!

Thirty Seven West said...

Love the quilt. And what an awesome idea to make the pillow case out of the extra fabric. I love your choice of fabric!


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