Singlet Grocery Tote

 I have a confession to make. Sometime I start a project and it never gets done. Some folks call these UFOs:Unfinished Objects, some WIPs: Works in Progress. What ever you call them, at some point in time you need to finished them, throw them away or donate them to another fool. Yesterday I spent the entire day moving, cleaning and reorganizing my multi craft room. I found a lot of unfinished items.

This particular unfinished project was started back in December of 2008. I wanted to make reusable bags for all of our gift giving. The tutorial up at Craftster is amazing.  I started out great, made a prototype, finished it . Then I decided to make 25. The difference between one and twenty-five is HUGE. Just washing and ironing all of the fabric took a day.

Well it is now the spring of 2010 and I finished 15 of the bags today (where are the other 10?? I am not sure). I simplified and skipped steps and used my serger. They don't fold up cute and fit into a pocket because they don't have that pocket.

I did the side and bottom seam differently, mostly because I wanted to experiment with some bottom/side finishes.
To make the triangle fold in the side seam you sew the bottom seam first then you fold the bottom seam up an inch so that the bottom seam is caught up in the side seam. 
When you flip it RS out you have this cool triangle flap. I had to do this 3 times before I got it right. My first time the flap ended up on the bottom, then  then second try was still not right. Third time a charm.

As a Stash Buster this is truly great, I used about 3/4 of a yard for the exterior and 3/4 for the lining. It is perfect for all the weird novelty fabrics you purchase for a special someone, then you don't know what to make with the strange turkey, cartoon, frog, Strawberry Shortcake fabric.

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I know what my moms will be getting.


Becky said...

Awesome! But does your Mom really need 15 new bags?! ;-) heehee

This is great, really. I need to de-stash some of that weird stuff myself!

Some Art Mama said...

Well to be honest Becky, my MIL will get 4, my mom will get 4 and I will get the rest. I have months til Christmas I can make more and they are too cool at the grocery store. Folks actually strike up conversations about the bags.


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