Our Front Garden

We are working towards an edible landscape in the front yard for us and for the birds and butterflies. Last year we had beautiful tomotoes in the very front of the house, right up by the street. We replaced the tomatoes with blueberry bushes, apple trees, pomegrante, strawberries and a BUNCH of flowers.

We need to start pruning and shaping these brand new apple saplings. Research has been done, we need to create a good crotch in the trees, so they will be able to bear the weight of their fruit.
This look like lot of green. In the background are daylilies, some lavender and a bright pink perenial that I swapped seeds for. To the very right is out new Pomagrante, it is more like a shrub than a tree.
Second year Holleyhocks. Can't wait to see how they look.
Love the pink dianthus.

Bachelar Buttons. I am not sure when these were planted they must be from the seed mix I put out last year.
Strawberry plants from last weeks farmers' market. Not sure if we will be harvasting these or they will just be ground cover.
Bronze Fennel, which is official an annual but this is the orginal plant I put in the ground last year. Maybe it is a half hardy perennial. The butterflies are supposed to like it.
These are lots of plants, but most are daisies. I got hundrends of their itty bitty seeds last fall at the farmers' market.


Becky said...

I like the idea of edible landscape! Can't wait to see how yours progresses.

Borrowing the Earth said...

tried edible landscape last year. i must not have a green thumb...we had NO fruit~. perhaps my all organic seeds, soil, and fertilizer made it a little more difficult. but, i would want it any other way! :) have fun with it. loks great!

Some Art Mama said...

We did pretty well last year with the garden, the biggest issue for us is what the kids will eat and what I can grow are not the same. This year we started a bit earlier and we are looking to the future with the 6 fruit trees & 6 BB bushes we put in, they won't bear for another 2 years. Irrigation is also a huge issue.

Rodney Higgins said...

Looks great! I know the girls get all into it.


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