Sewage - Really

Yikes and Yuck! We knew there was a problem, we even got an estimate but we were hoping to put it off until after the holidays. NOPE!

I got home from a visit to my mom's and the Sugerloaf Craft fair only to discover that the sewage pipe above my husband's den was dripping on my grandmother's sofa. Drip Drip Drip... of the stinkiest red water, it looks like cool aid and smells like vomit. The only light in this tunnel is that there are no bathrooms on that sewage line, only the kitchen.

Hopefully our wonderful plumbers will be in today to repair and replace the cast iron in the basement. Happy Holidays to us.

On a crafty note, this weekend at my mom's I cut out 30 of those Singlit Shopping Bags I posted the link to earlier last week. Hopefully I will be able to get to my sewing room since the pipe of imminent repair runs through it.

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