Promiscuous Crafting

Have you ever felt unfaithful to your craft. I am easy and I love it. This year I attempted to maintain a monogamous relationship with sewing. Staying faithful to one craft is beyond difficult. I wander occasionally (weekend affairs) but I try to bring it back to fabric quickly (or at least fiber). This week I fell off the wagon in a big way. I may have fallen earlier this month but was in denial until I found myself paying for 12 new ceramic molds on ebay yesterday and new die cuts for my Accucut on Monday. Some of my promiscuity is the fault of my Indie Craft Teacher, Shannon and some of it is returning to school and getting excited about sharing new stuff with my students. Who ever I am blaming it on, no one was forcing me to spend hours looking for a doll molds and ending up with 3 owls, two angels, a Buddha, two virgin Mary, a chess set and a couple of other ceramic molds.

What in the world am I doing? I am making Holiday gifts and creating 2 coffins for the Day of the Dead show at Young Blood Gallery. Also, in my lame defense, there are 10 boxes of stone ware slip in my storage unit and I need to use it up. So yesterday after paying way more for shipping then the actual molds (there were mostly under 5.00 but they all weigh about 20 pounds each). I went out to the shed and opened up a new bag of slip to make sure it was okay. It is a bit lumpy and thick, I may actually have to sieve it! Super Pain! All 10 boxes are there waiting. I am embarrassed to say the slip was originally purchase in a different decade, so kudos to the packaging, since it is still usable.

I think it is difficult for me to be monogamous to one craft because, well the first line says it all. I am a promiscuous crafter. I started crafting early, my family made those weird dolls as part of a home employment network (ours was a couple of folks in a hot air balloon). In high school I made very cute items that my teachers loved to buy and I did cross stitch for a local publication. I left CRAFT behind to become an ARTIST in college. My first degree is in Photography, my second is in Art Education with a minor in Ceramics & Printmaking. I am now a crafty artist, I am beyond rehabilitation but I am usually in the program. Stay tuned for updates on my ceramics folly.

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